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FAQs -Family asking questions


Deciding what kind of insurance you need can be difficult. These are some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is ObamaCare and can I qualify?

It’s the familiar term commonly used for the Affordable Care Act. It established rules that make health insurance available for many people who previously would have been declined for medical reasons by the insurance companies or who could not afford the premium rates. To see if you would qualify I need to know about your household income, your residence zip code, and the age of all household members.

Can you help me sign up online?

Many types of insurance allow electronic enrollment and I can certainly help you with
that. Some insurance options require paper applications and/or face-to-face consultation.Since my services are always free of charge to you, the customer, I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to meet with me in person or via a screen sharing consultation so that we together can do a thorough fact finding and make sure that we come up with the best solution for your needs and budget.

It’s just too easy to make mistakes when you’re on-line on your own. After all there’s no need to study to become an agent just to buy your own policy… especially when the alternative is of NO COST to you.

What will your services cost me?

NOTHING. I get paid commission from the various carriers with which I’m appointed.
And that’s the beauty of it for you: we will always be able to choose from so many options and find the best one for you and I still get paid for my time, effort, and expertise.

Can I qualify for tax credits under the rules of the Affordable Care Act?

That depends. How do you declare your income? Are you self-employed? How many are in your household? Etc.

What if I have a qualifying life event that allows you to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period?

That depends. How do you declare your income? Are you self-employed? How many are in your household? Etc.

I recently received a letter from Covered California. Where can I get more information?

Call me. I’ll help you understand CoveredCa communications.

I applied for Medi-Cal but have not received any information from the county. What should I do?

How long ago did you apply? Are you sure you wouldn’t qualify for CoveredCa ? Call me!!

How do I get an appointment with you?
Call me! (831) 750-9343

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